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Company formation

Wish to start a business? D-Invoice will guide you through the entire process of starting your own business!


Together we assess your needs, adjusting the establishment of your business accordingly.


We will accompany you in founding your firm throughout the entire legal process, reducing its risk.


We help you manifest your needs exactly as you'd prefer, paying attention to the smallest details.

Arrange the establishment of your company with us!

No matter what kind of company or enterprise you want to start , you will have a complex, rather burdensome process in which we can be your guide, your complete support system. With us, your costs can be kept to a minimum, and the process of starting a business is smooth, without wasting time, energy and effort .

We are here to make it easier for you to get started and, above all, to help you set up your business as simply, hassle-free and efficiently as possible.

We give priority to and help foreign citizens to set up a company in Croatia , to open their representative offices, to set up companies or businesses - all of which they only need to visit us once.

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Starting a business


Establishment of a company


Foreign company - subsidiary


Joint venture


Business start-up consultancy


Need help? We are here!

Contact our experts!


Professional help for businesses of all sizes.

With us, the accounting of your company will be in professional hands, the process of company foundation will go smoothly, without wasted time, energy and effort.


Three easy steps


We assess your needs and offer a personalized solution!


We will advise you and arrange the legal process according to your needs.


You started your own company! Here we inform you about the next steps! :)

Need help?

Contact us! Our specialists are at your disposal!


Why choose us?

You have to dream big to be great!

We believe, that together with our excellent professionals and you on our side we are able to accomplish our dream.

We believe in the best quality

Our dedicated and experienced experts know no boundaries. Your company will be in the best possible hands with us.

We believe in good relationships

Communication is the basis of everything,  we consider good relations with our customers to be especially important.

We believe in knowledge

Our goal is to bring the world of accounting closer to you and to make our knowledge widely available.


Need help? Get in touch!

Our specialists are at your disposal. Contact us today!

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