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About us

About us

Accounting services tailored to you.

Regardless of the form of your business, we will guide you through the world of starting a business and accompanying your company through accounting, legal advice, and international transactions.

Our story

According to the proverb, you have to dream big to be big!

This is what we kept in mind when we set our business goal: to become the largest European accounting firm, not only thanks to our current results, but also to our many years of experience and knowledge, especially our large number of satisfied clients at home and abroad!

We believe that with your help and with you, we are able to do that.

We can prove that there is no limit to quality, to knowledge. We know no boundaries when it comes to your satisfaction with our services!

Our mission is to help the women and daughters of the villages, bring them closer to accounting, to promote work from home through an international accounting firm, and to make accounting itself widely popular, understandable and accessible.

I have a strong desire to extend the D-Invoice franchise network to the whole of the EU.

- Gergelj Laura, Owner -

Meet the D-Invoice experts


Gergelj Laura

CEO & Owner


Gabrijela Denković


2nd in command


The rest of the D-Invoice team

Accountants/students/ administration/marketing (8)

Why choose us?

You have to dream big to be great!

We believe, that together with our excellent professionals and you on our side we are able to accomplish our dream.

We believe in the best quality

Our dedicated and experienced experts know no boundaries. Your company will be in the best possible hands with us.

We believe in good relationships

Communication is the basis of everything,  we consider good relations with our customers to be especially important.

We believe in knowledge

Our goal is to bring the world of accounting closer to you and to make our knowledge widely available.


Need help? Get in touch!

Our specialists are at your disposal. Contact us today!

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