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Combining “incompatible skills”, organization, modernization and impact of the interior on employees, overcoming stereotypes and creating marketing on the example of D-Invoice d.o.o.

D-Invoice d.o.o. is a company located in Osijek, which is famous for its mesmerizing view of the river Drava and modern workspace, and its main focus is accounting. The CEO of the company name is Laura Gergelj, an entrepreneur who finished informatics studies at FOI, and is currently the proud winner of the Iaureta “Entrepreneur of the Century”, and is currently waiting for her formal handout of the prestigious reward this spring in the area of Dubrovnik.

The company, although young, has its roots founded in entrepreneur Laura Gergelj’s previous company called Dom računala d.o.o. She’s still using skills and experience that she has previously obtained in the IT industry and uses them even today while working with different clients.

After all, informatics and accounting have their mutual roots in pure numerical math, and because of that, the entrepreneur didn’t have any issues in changing her career path and workplace. Her prior earned experience in the IT field and customer support were used accordingly to further modernize her office area, primarily putting all aspects of her work online, which showed to be an incredibly important aspect of her whole company, because such modernization allowed the simple transition to full online work during current COVID situation.

Why exactly online accounting?

It’s important to mention that because of applying online business methods, the accounting company itself expands its reach in terms of finding clients and is no longer tied to the location of the city itself or the country of the company’s origins which turned out to be a genius idea since the reach for different clients was wider geographically and many clients would just this accounting company simply for the online aspects alone as it would allow them to have access to all data full time. This is incredibly important because it shows us that accounting itself contains multiple skills from different fields, because accounting is not just doing endless piles of paperwork, it also requires different sets of skills for many occasions, like for example a good knowledge of the certain language, because knowing a certain language is necessary for quality communication with different clients in company D-invoice d.o.o., as the company doesn’t operate on just one language alone(not only Croatian).

Office interior and its effect on employees

Alongside the high quality of work company D-Invoice d.o.o. can also brag about its big success in terms of the aesthetics of its biggest office. The office located in Osijek not only offers its employees mesmerizing view of Drava, but the whole office itself is so well organized and professional that it triggers the feeling of professionalism and relaxation in anyone who enters the office area. D- Invoice d.o.o. office’s inner area has been painted primarily in shades of white and blue colors, which has been proved to be a great choice as it’s very well known that certain colors can affect people s mental’ states very positively. So not only are shades of blue and white extremely pretty to look at, but they are also quite famous for their deeper effects on people s inner states of mind.

So while white walls and shelves have positive effects on employees, creating a feeling of peace, harmony, and professionalism, the blue color of the couch and entering the area’s main wall create a feeling of belonging, serenity, and responsibility(the experiment of using blue color originated in Japan, primarily in Tokyo’s main areas, where street lights have been switched from yellow to blue color had a positive effect on people passing by since it actually decreased the criminal activity in the area and also decreased the number of suicides committed).

What is the work environment like for the employees?

Alongside the beautiful view and great location of its main office, company D-Invoice d.o.o. is also well known for its amazing work environment in which every member is equally important and everybody has a specific task or a certain amount of clients that they have to do, and in the end, all those different tasks come together to form one final finish and everybody can cheer to a successful team job well done! Despite the stereotypes that that office jobs are famous for, D-Invoice d.o.o. has managed to rise above the stereotypical views of office work, as inside D-Invoice d.o.o. the main office everybody is looking out for each other and everyone also tries their best to find quick and efficient solutions for the whole team, this is sadly not the case in many other companies where there are numerous toxic mentalities present, such as women putting other women down or male employees looking down upon female employees, while bosses stand by the side and pressure their teams to complete unrealistic tasks and overload them with work! Such toxic mentality is luckily not present in company D-Invoice d.o.o. because this company actively fights against such mentalities, this movement is led by the entrepreneur Laura Gergelj, who herself fights for equality and fairness inside her teams.

Another stereotype that this company dismisses is letting its employees keep their distinct personalities because here everyone functions as one big unit that allows its smaller parts to come to the fore, which means there is a higher degree of freedom available than in other companies and that also means that not all the employees are cast in the same mold, yet their differences and knowledge of certain topics or possession of different skills is appreciated and supported from sides of entrepreneur Laura Gergelj and their colleagues.

A company within the area of social media

Not only does company D-Invoice d.o.o. take the crown in terms of office environment and organization, it also wins in the very job market, especially due to its flexible approach to the job, functioning teamwork, upgrading office, and putting everything online, this company is very attractive towards clients due to both its excellent reputation and flexibility and also in a unique approach to work which allows clients to look into long term future of the company and its unstoppable process.

Substantiated by the positive reception and pleasant surprises of new clients all while managing good relationship with its established clients, direct and accessible contact either through the telephone or any other ways in case any problems or errors arise. Because of all the success that the company D-Invoice d.o.o. has had so far, entrepreneur Laura Gergelj has announced that she doesn’t want to stagnate her company’s growth and get too comfortable with her current success, in reality, she wants to continue to slowly and steadily continue to organically grow her company to ensure the same amount of quality and reputation, but no matter how long the process is going to take her, she doesn’t plan on stopping! This year alone she has already made one major decision, which is to formally assemble a marketing team whose responsibilities will be advertising the company on social media platforms and partaking in different already planned humanitarian events and others.

Article made by the marketing team with the assistance of Laura Gergelj



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