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Problems of opening a giro account in Croatia

There are no problems for the citizens of The Croatian Republic. Everyone can open a giro account, but if you are a foreigner and have founded a company in Croatia, the situation is different, so we advise you to arm yourself with strong nerves and a lot of patience.

In order to open a giro account you need:

  1. the decision on registration in the court register

2. Statistical report

3. Registry of Beneficial Owners

4. Questionnaire to be filled out at the bank

5. Identity card of the responsible person

6. And the responsible person personally

It is very important to note that the responsible person cannot be replaced by a lawyer with a power of attorney and that the opening lasts for two days. If you are a foreigner from, for example, Slovakia, count on spending two days in Croatia to open a giro account. This is because on the first day you hand in all of the needed documentation, so that the bank can “investigate” you. And only on the second day, do they prepare a contract for opening a giro account. In exceptional situations if you are in the bank early in the morning and if you are lucky, the account opening contract could be ready the same day before the end of working hours. Or if you are in a bank in Zagreb.

After the check, the bank may reject the client without giving an explanation on why it does not want to open a giro account. To avoid such a scenario, the people in charge must be ready for a questionnaire and answer the bank's questions accurately. Despite the fact that the answers were OK, the bank can refuse to open an account and not state why, but this happens really rarely. From unofficial sources, we learned that it was because the person in charge came in jeans and sneakers.

We advise you to get consulted before going to the bank.

We also advise you to consider options for opening a giro account in other EU countries, such as Slovakia, where account management is around 10 euros per month and 2.5 euros per order, regardless off the amount transferred. There are also options for online banking systems.

Article made by the marketing team with the assistance of Laura Gergelj



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