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Finances. Reliably.

Find the right service for your company from a variety of solutions.

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Company formation

Online help with starting a business to make it easier for you to get started.

Colleagues at Work


Accounting and payroll for your company, for domestic and international affairs.


Expert advice

We eliminate the risks that lurk in the mazes of bureaucracy, and clarify legal questions.

Adult Education Course

Company M&A

We will assist you in the legal process of selling your current business or buying your next on

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Web Design

You only have one chance to make a Frist impression, dont waste it with a low quality website 


Trainings & Education

For students, accountants and others interested in sharpening their financial skills.


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50 EUR per hour

Accounting services
tailored to you.

Regardless of your business' type, we will guide you through the entire process of company formation, and accompany your firm through accounting, legal advice, and conducting international business.

Why choose us?

You have to dream big to be great!

We believe, that together with our excellent professionals and you on our side we are able to accomplish our dream.

We believe in the best quality

Our dedicated and experienced experts know no boundaries. Your company will be in the best possible hands with us.

We believe in good relationships

Communication is the basis of everything,  we consider good relations with our customers to be especially important.

We believe in knowledge

Our goal is to bring the world of accounting closer to you and to make our knowledge widely available.


Professional help for businesses of all sizes.

With us, the bookkeeping of your company will be in professional hands, the process of company foundation will go smoothly, without wasted time, energy and effort.

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